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Welcome to JOLLY nice lollies!

Indulge your taste buds with our plant-based healthier ice lollies,

meticulously crafted for a guilt-free treat in the heart of Bali!

**Housemade Coconut Milk Magic: Savor the creamy richness of our housemade coconut milk, extracted from the finest coconuts the island has to offer. It's a luscious base that gives our ice lollies a velvety texture while keeping it entirely dairy-free.

**Low Sugar Bliss: We believe in sweetness without compromise. Our ice lollies boast a delightful taste with low sugar content, ensuring a healthier option without sacrificing the deliciousness you crave.

**No Artificial Coloring or Flavouring: Embrace the vibrancy of nature! Our ice lollies are a celebration of nature's colorful palette, without a hint of artificial colorings or flavorings. Pure, unadulterated goodness that invites you to taste the real essence of our unique flavours.

**No Preservatives, Pure Freshness: Bid farewell to preservatives. Our commitment to freshness means each ice lolly is a burst of real flavors, untainted by anything artificial.

**Discover Unique Flavours: Embark on a journey of taste with our unique flavor combinations. From zesty passionfruit mango to the subtle charm of thyme-infused blueberry delights, each lolly is a culinary adventure.

At JOLLY nice lollies, we believe in redefining indulgence. Join us in our commitment to a healthier, happier you. Let our flavors dance on your palate, guilt-free and utterly delicious. Take a stroll through our website and order your box of bliss today!

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